Regarding the online application website for Seoul ADEX 2023 2023-03-31
  • As announced, the online application for indoor space booking was closed earlier on January 31st since the number of spaces booked exceeded by 130%.
  • In efforts to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible despite the limited availability, Seoul ADEX is actively working on expanding indoor exhibition halls; changing the site plan, and securing additional power supplies (electricity, etc.)
  • Therefore, we can decide to re-open the Seoul ADEX 2023 online application webpage.
  • Date: Seoul Time (KST) April 11th Tuesday, 10:00 AM
    On this Seoul ADEX Official Website, you can find the menu on the top left side: [Exhibitor] – [Online Application]. When you click it, there is the blue button [Click For Application] and you can access the online application webpage.
  • Both ‘Shell Scheme (booth)’ and ‘Raw Space’ for the indoor exhibition are available.
  • It will be closed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Due to varying booking sizes from each exhibitor, it is difficult to provide information in advance about the available booth size. In addition, after the early closure notice on February 1st, there are numerous inquiries from existing and potential exhibitors. It is expected that the online application webpage may be closed soon. Please note that space is limited, and we will close the system once it reaches full capacity.