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Notification of Bidding for Official Show News Publisher Selection

  • Date 2019-04-05
  • Hit 6159


1. Privileges & Benefits

     ❍ Entitlement as Official Show News publisher of Seoul ADEX 2019

        - Covered on the exhibition website and newsletter as the Official Show News publisher with contact information

     ❍ Provision of exhibitor list including contact information to support advertising, business development and news gathering

     ❍ Provision of a shell scheme booth(18sqm) in indoor exhibition hall for PR and news gathering


2. Responsibilities

     ❍ Publication of Official Show News in accordance with the contractual terms & conditions

     ❍ Distribution of printed copies of Show News in exhibition sites

       ※ Expenses for publication and distribution of Show News shall be covered by advertisement revenue from the Show News publications


3. Guideline for Proposal (Free form)

     ❍ Company introduction and past performances of similar publication projects

     ❍ Publication and distribution plan for Seoul ADEX 2019 Official Show News

       - Publication language(s)

       - Description of news gathering and draft generation methods

       - The total number of issues, the total number of printed copies, the size of Show News, and etc.


4. Selection Process

     ❍ Selection method: selection of publisher(s) will be decided based on overall assessment of the bidder’s expertise and publication experiences for other Show News (multiple publishes may be selected)

     ❍ Candidates: local and international periodical publications companies for aerospace and defense industries

     ◎ Schedule

        - Notification of Bidding: 2019. 04. 04.

        - Proposal Submission Due Date: 2019. 04.12. 18:00 (GMT +9)

        - Selection Announcement: 2019. 04. 15.

          ※ Individual contract will subsequently be signed with each selected bidder following the selection announcement


5. Proposal Submission and POC Information

     ❍ Proposal submission: By email (

     ❍ Contact person : Jay LEE, Exhibition Coordinator