About Press Badge

  • When you collect the Press Badge, you need to bring your business card or employee card. Please understand that if you are unable to present your business/employee card, the issuance might be impossible or delayed.
  • Please write your company name and your name in English.
  • Press Badges are only issued to the media personnel who cover Seoul ADEX during the exhibition period (Oct. 19th ~ 23rd) and use the Press Center
  • Press Badges are issued in the Registration Centre at the entrance after ID verification of the media personnel who submitted this form.
  • Press Badge will not be re-issued if it is lost and will be recalled if it is used by someone other than the registered media personnel.
  • Due to limited parking space on the exhibition site, please submit a separate application to the public relations team for the press parking pass.
  • If there are any questions, please contact media team(event@risingpops.com).