B2B Meeting

Seoul ADEX 2021
Business Meeting Guide

Seoul ADEX 2021 will be the stepping stone towards new business opportunity.

In order to maximize the opportunity for participating companies in developing new business, Seoul ADEX operates B2B meeting program.
2019 Seoul ADEX B2B meeting program produced total of 1450 business meetings, which marked its largest ever record of business meetings.
We sincerely hope all participating companies and buyers to achieve meaningful and successful business through our B2B meeting program.


  • Decision Makers / Contract Managers

  • Visitors seeking new business relations or potential business partners.

  • Supply chain/procurement experts along with Contract Manufacturers, whose objective is to discover new business relations/business partners and talents.

This Program is most suitable to small/mid-sized companies.
One of the pros of this program is that participants can receive consultation date, which was scheduled in advance. This will facilitate the consultation process between potential business partners and buyers.


  • 1. Sign up online :  Sign up
  • 2. Your registration will be validated by sending you login and password.
  • 3. Then you will have access to you member area, you may modify your registration by adding participants, uploading brochures etc.
  • 4. October 1st, you may begin to select your meetings online.
  • 5. October 15th, you will receive your meeting schedule based on your selection by email
  • 6. October 19th, you may pick up your meeting schedule in BtoB Meetings area in Seoul ADEX Exhibition center.