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E-737 Procurement Program

Writer 관리자 Date 2020.07.13
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E-737 Peace Eye (Republic of Korea Air Force)


Final delivery of E-737 Peace Eye was concluded in 2012, and currently 4x E-737 Peace Eyes are under operation. As per the expansion of KADIZ (Korean Air Defense Identification Zone) and increased importance of intelligence collection, the necessity to acquire additional E-737 (more than 2) were brought up to the discussion table. Eventually, additional procurement of E-737 aircraft was reflected in 2016 Long-term Requirement Paper.


In the second half of 2020, the technology review of additional procurement of E-737 will be an ongoing process. The purpose of this technology review is to establish program execution methods and to conduct a cost analysis. The main discussion will be on whether to acquire the same E-737 aircraft or to select different aircraft type. Since the related government departments have already secured information on similar weapon system, there is a chance for opening a competitive bid. Should the ROK Government decides to acquire the same E-737 aircraft, there is a high possibility of adopting ‘Local Aircraft Assembly’ solution just like they did in the first E-737 procurement program. In addition, performance upgrade of IFF (Identification of Friendly or Foe) and the Link-16 device will go in parallel with additional aircraft procurement.


Within this year, DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) will develop a procurement method and conduct program feasibility test. In 2021, DAPA will establish the Standard Strategy for Program Execution and will proceed with securing required budget in 2022.