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F-15K Performance Upgrade Program

Writer 관리자 Date 2020.07.14
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F-15K (Republic of Korea Air Force)


While F-15K Performance Upgrade Program is forecasted to begin in 2022, the military official stated that DTaQ (Defense Agency for Technology and Quality) will initiate technology review to develop program execution methods and to conduct a cost analysis on August 2020. The F-15K Performance Upgrade Program is reflected in the 2020-2024 Mid-term Defense Plan. 


F-15K, which was introduced to ROKAF in 2005, requires performance upgrade of radar, mission computer, EW device to cope with the future battlefield environment. Advanced F-15 and F-15SG are similar weapon system to F-15K. The following steps are developing procurement method through technology review within this year, establishing the Standard Strategy for Program Execution for the first half in 2021, and securing required budget from thetende National Assembly in 2022. In the first half of 2022, tender notice for F-15K Performance Upgrade will be published.

On May 26th, DPPC (Defense Program Promotion Committee) conducted a review and made a decision on the revised purchase plan for ‘Aircraft Anti-jamming GPS System (F-15K Performance Upgrade of 3x Items) Program.’ The program objective is to reinforce anti-jamming‧encryption‧security function by attaching Anti-jamming Antenna, IFF (Identification of Friendly or Foe) Device, and Combined Tactical Data Link (Link-16). The DPPC revised negotiation conditions to ensure realization of required operational capability per IFF Mode-5 transition and swift and facilitated negotiation process. The program period is from 2019 to 2025, and overall program expense is around 300B Korean Won. The contract award is expected in the third quarter of 2020.